The planetarium Cusco Stellar team

Our team is a cluster of efforts and people, men and women with lots of passion for science, skies, astronomy and stories.

This stellar team came together thanks to the vision of a businessman, Carlos Milla, a pioneer of several innovative projects in the Imperial city of Cusco. Our commitment and passion is to give you and all our visitors a unique experience , to approach to the mysteries of the universe with beautiful stories of our ancestors about earth, skies and life

Erwin Salazar Garces

Scientific Director

Erwin Salazar is  our scientific director, an amateur astronomer, with more than 30 years of experience observing the skies and reporting novas, changes in the skies, and comets. Researcher of the Inca astronomy, he is the author of the book “Astronomia Inca” whose second edition is already available for purchase.

Having given more than 300 conferences in scientific astronomy themes; he is an Inca astronomy researcher and specialist in the areas of Archeological-astronomy and Etno-astronomy.

He is a member of LIADA (Iberoamerican League of Astronomy) of REA (Rede Brasileira do Astronomia) and the AVVSO (American Association of Variable Stars). He is active in many astronomical clubs, and founder of the astronomical circle in Cusco. He had published a book: Inka astronomy: archea- astronomy and etno astronomy and Inka Astronomy handbook.

She is the manager of the project, and designer of the concept of our experience. Moreover she is also a passionate guide and storyteller who knows and loves our skies and the Llaullipata forest. Not only that, but she surely has a gift to tell stories, which provides a very special touch for this unique and exciting experience

Ana María Milla Hurtado

Manager / Star Guide

José Valencia

Planetarium Guide

Our charismatic and enthusiastic bilingual guide who, with his youth and passion, provides energy and freshness to the experience. He will share his knowledge (perhaps with the aid of a new app), and every night will spread the thrill of learning more about the constellations and the skies. By the way, he is also a very gifted musician.

Born in Argentina, he joins our stellar team with the purpose of sharing his knowledge of stars, comets, and so on. Like all of our crew members he is convinced that this is the best job one could have. He will show the sky with the same enthusiasm as if it was the first time! Fernando is also committed in the development of alternative aducation and is also a member of our crew as blogger for our website.

Fernando Sanchez Montero

Stargazers / Telescopes

José Martin Justiniani Mendoza

Stargazers / Telescopes

He is the man of a thousand crafts, from the Fortaleza community, located near the area; he is the support that makes the “engine” work. His biggest talent, tough, is the telescope managing, he will locate distant objects in the sky with the help of the telescope and fix any trouble in no time. A remarkable memory for star names, distances, and astronomic data.

Yudith is in love with the skies since an early age. She loves to study  and research about the universe, and because of this she got the chance to meet a lot of people with the same passin of stars, and also keep learning as a teenager and as an adult.

The worked at the Colca Canyon Planetarium, Perú, and , when she moved to Cusco with her family, could keep the path at the Cusco´s Planetarium

Yudith Toledo Luna

Stargazers / Telescopes


Stargazers / Telescopes

Last but not least, our most charismatic friend among visitors, and famous in more than one travel guide, is our dog “ Sir Gandalf the White”.