Our installations


Our center has two interpretation rooms where you can learn the key aspects of the Incan astronomy with informative panels and a didactic lecture by one of our specialists

We also have now a lovely gift shop to get the cutest gifs for your beloveds.

Our center has a dome with a diameter of 5.5m and enough space for 22 people at a time. In this dome, an astronomy workshop takes place; we project the southern sky in a photographic quality.

The professional telescopes will help us stargaze, different planets, nebulas, multiple star systems, galaxies, and comets, specially from the southern skies, according to weather conditions and time of the year. You can check the astronomical calendar here.

We also have a cute gift shop, here you can buy special souvenirs to remember your visit to the Planetarium Cusco

Our equipment

  • 01 Sky watcher telescope: 12 inches Newtonian on a dobsonian support
  • 02 MEADE telescope: 10 inches hybrid on a dobsonian support
  • 03 CELESTRON telescope: 8 (electronic)
  • 04 Astronomical binocular
  • 05 Digitallis: Digital projector 360˚ 3D

Infrastructure of Planetarium Cusco

Equipment of Planetarium Cusco