We offer Daily presentations

In our group presentations we start at 18:00 in Cusco´s Planetarium. We provide the transportation round trip.

Our meeting point is Regocijo´s square (also known as Plaza Cusipata) from the middleof the plaza, next to the fountain. We will pick up all visitors at 17:30 , we only wait 10 minutes. Then we walk a couple of blocks to the car that will take us to the planetarium. It is a 10-15minutes ride. The way back is also included.

Every group can be from 4 to 22 people, and we can receive up to two groups simultaneously.. Furthermore we offer our visitors tours in English and Spanish. We try to split in two groups, eventually we may perform a bilingual dome.


  • 17:30 Pick up from Regocijo square (Middle of the square, next to the fountain), short walk to the car (Saphi st)
  • 18:05 Arrival to Planetarium Cusco
  • 18:10 Introduction to Inca astronomy in our interpretation rooms
  • 18:40  Virtual projection of the southern sky and inka constellations in the dome
  • 19:10 Stargazing with telescope (Depending on weather conditions)
  • 19:40 Return to the city
  • *The order of this may vary in case we ca improve the  chances for stargazing


During high season we have the possibility of programming presentations at 17:00 as well as at 19:30 (like the rest of the year). If so, our booking system will give the information for different alternatives.