The Project

In the midst of the arqueological site of Saqsayhuaman and the ecological reserve of Llaullipata in the city of Cusco-Peru, lies the perfect scenario for a unique cosmic experience; Cusco´s Planetarium.

Our project is, above all, a family business born to share the knowledge and passion that we have and feel for astronomy and the Universe. In a small house, resembling any typical Andean house (made of adobe and Spanish red tiles.) we have created a place to approach the mysteries of the Universe through the eyes of our ancestors, The Incas.

To do this, we used high technology equipment, and a team of passionate and committed specialists.

“Planetarium Cusco” is an opportunity to experiment the human connection with the skies, and ourselves.

Fundo Llaullipata, Carretera a Sacsayhuamán Km2.
Teléfono: 084 231710
Whatsapp: 974877776