Planetarium Cusco

Discover the secrets of our skies!

Planetarium Cusco is probably the most original planetarium in the world. Located only 15 minutes away from downtown Cusco and surrounded by beautiful natural environment.

The visitors will be able to live a unique experience, in three different stages. We have a cultural “Interpretation Center” of the Inca astronomy, here we share stories and interesting facts that help us understand why our ancestors observed the skies as they did, and understand the relationship between the universe and  the very practical day to day life during the Inca Empire.

Another stage is “The Dome”, where we will see a starry sky projection to learn the “official” constellations as well as the southern skies constellations, and the Incas´ constellation. All these, are accompanied by some fascinating stories. By then we are going to have basic background information to start stargazing.

To finish our visit and depending on the weather conditions, we will be able to show you some treasures of the real skies ( stars, planets, nebulae, constellations of the southern skies) with our professional telescopesWatching the skies with our professional telescopes, is one of the most mind blowing experience of the tour.  You will see the light of the stars that travelled years and years just to get to your eyes.

Are you ready for this experience?

Fundo Llaullipata, Carretera a Sacsayhuamán Km2.
Teléfono: 084 231710
Whatsapp: 974877776