- 6.00 p.m.

Pick up to Llaullipata

- 6.15 p.m.
Arrival at Planetarium Cusco
Visit to the different areas in the Planetarium, explanation about the universe and Incan         astronomy. There are two areas that approach us to the universe and to our culture with information from different investigators through panels, drawings and 3D graphics.
After this, we star the presentation in dome of a virtual night sky and drawings of the constellations, highlighting our “southern sky” unknown by the northern hemisphere visitors. It simulates stellar movements.
Afterwards, the presentation about Inca astronomy is projected.
- 7.15 p.m
Direct observation with the telescope (depending on the climate)
7.45 p.m
Return to the city

*The schedule may vary, depending on each group. Presentations during the day are possible and recommended for groups of students and children.
We also have large exterior surrounding by nature and llamas and alpacas
A bathroom, cafeteria, store with exclusive products and parking lot.


  • Use warm clothing such as a jacket, gloves and hats (for night presentations)
  • Use comfortable shoes and clothing
  • Use sun block and caps (for day presentations)
  • Take a camera.

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